Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A new day, a ZOO day

So today was a much better day for our girl, despite those pesky hand bandages. After a late breakfast, she perked up enough to attempt an outing to the Como Zoo, a small (but totally awesome) zoo and conservatory nearby in St. Paul.

We ended up having a wonderful day. Gracie really enjoyed looking at all of the exotic animals, eating tons of cotton candy, french fries, and rock candy lollipops. :) Then we hopped over to Como Town, a small amusement park in the zoo, and Gracie proceeded to ride several rides (even big ones!) despite her bandaged hands. I was so proud of her for being such a brave girl! :)

We have a follow-up appointment scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but that's the extent of our Dr. stuff for the rest of this trip. We'll find out then how long the bandages must stay on, and what kind of OT we should expect for when we go home.

I guess we really need to be attempting to come up with more day outings to keep our girl occupied until we leave on Sunday. :) Not sure what we'll do, but I know that we're probably in the right place to find out. We'll stop by the RMH program office tomorrow and see whats up. :)

For now, pictures from our zoo day.


mom said...

Looks like a fun day!

Millie Mendenhall said...

It is so great to see her doing so well despite the challenges. :)

Rylie Suzanna said...

Sounds like you are having another MN "vacation." We really need to be working on getting that cruise set up for next year. Enjoy your time together.